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Do you need help to produce a well-written, publication-ready manuscript?
Please keep calm. We are here to help you because this is a full service to write academic manuscript for you!

We offer editing and graphic services, as well as a variety of author support packages to help you achieve a successful publication outcome. We are dedicated to helping a local academic community hone their command of the English language to achieve excellence in their studies and scientific careers. This may help you to publish your high-quality research in Social Science Citation Index (SSCI), Science Citation Index (SCI), and Engineering Index (EI) journals with high impact factors.

Based on the study data or guidelines provided by you, our writers will write the text, organize them into a well-structured document and intensify the presentation to create an impact and reach the target reader. Our writers have in-depth knowledge of the academic research editing and writing process.

OUR SUBJECTS: Chemistry, Materials Science, Engineering, Interdisciplinary.

YOU PROVIDE: Topic, main objective/research question/hypothesis, 5 or 6 Keywords, (experimental) methods, raw data, relevant handmade figures/images/tables, follow up, outcome, 1 or 2 relevant paper(s) you want to discuss, 1 or 2 target journal(s). Don't forget to include an explanation why you have selected a certain journal instead of another.

WE PROVIDE: Extensive literature survey, writing full article, construction of new figures and tables, list of references, and formatting the manuscript according to the target journal guidelines.

DURING WRITING: This is an interactive process between you and our scientific writers. Necessary clarification will be sought by our expert writers, feedback on the 1st draft within 30 days of delivery.

AFTER 1st SUBMISSION: After 1st submission to the journal, the authors are always free to accept or reject the suggestions and opinions of the Editors - and reviewers -- or submit the manuscript to another academic and English language journal with new cover letter, reference format, and other journal-specified details.

QUALITY GUARANTEE: We guarantee to provide the highest quality of English in all the documents edited by our expert writers to satisfy the standards required by the international publishing industry. If your manuscript edited by us is rejected by the international journal selected for submission because of the quality of English, we will re-edit it at no additional cost as long as you have addressed all the reviewers' comments specific to your study. However, you should not have made more than 5% text changes to our edited version before submitting to the journal.

PRICE: The price depends on the Impact Factor of the journal requested, on the nature of manuscript (Short communications, Research Articles, Short Communications, Commentaries, Letters, Reviews, etc.) and if the research is experimental, quasi-experimental, causal-comparative, qualitative, quantitative, mixed methods, theoretical or another.

Please feel free to contact us for more information or if you have any questions.
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