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                              It is in mint condition. Everything works flawlessly. 

Read below to see why this FULL package system sets it apart from all others sold.

                                                            SeChrist 3200R
                                                            Serial #320344

                                                        Selling for: $42,500 Firm

We purchased this unit less than a year ago because I sustained some severe 4th & 5th degree burns to my left arm from a wall heater.  I am paralyzed from the neck down from a car accident and have no feeling in my left arm. The doctors told me there was no way my wounds could heal and amputation was needed.  I had heard of the amazing healing powers of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) years before from a friend. So I went on the journey of doing m own extensive research (over 200 hours) and learning everything I could. After my research using my own engineering and medical research background I knew I had found the answer. 

The best and most tried and proven hyperbaric units that are made by a company called- SeChrist. They have an amazing background and long history of delivering miracle after miracle with their hyperbaric chambers and that is EXACTLY what this unit has done for me. Blessed beyond measure!
Their hyperbaric units are used all around the world and most exclusively used in hospitals and top research facilities around the globe. They are the medical professionals "go to" machines.

Now I am healed and no longer need this healing miracle and want to pass it on to someone in need. 

This unit is top of the line and a commercial grade hyperbaric unit.  Best in the industry in my opinion.

It is mint condition. Everything works flawlessly. 

So here's the specs.

3 Atmospheres of Pressure (3 ATA)- This is what you need to accomplish healing miracles. 2.5 ATA to 3.0 ATA is what is proven to create miracles in the human body and brain.  Reversing dementia, Alzheimers, Traumatic Brain Injuries, Strokes, Heart Disease, Autism, Severe Burns, stimulating new muscle and bone growth and SO much more.  When the body is at these atmospheric pressures stem cells are created (our master cells) and the body and brain can repair itself. True miracles begin to happen. The body begins creating new blood vessels, repairing damaged neural circuits and connections and creating new ones. Hormones, stem cells and other healing processes including over 200 genes get turned on and the brain and body begin repairing themselves. Top researchers are now actually witnessing the reversing of aging, the fountain of youth.

To learn more watch a awesome video at a TedTalk from the world leading hyperbaric oxygen therapy researcher Dr. Shai Efrati on what science is now discovering. Dr. Shai Efrati is the director of the largest and most advanced hyperbaric oxygen therapy research facility in the world. It is located in Israel where they treat over 60,000 people a year. Youtube "Reverse Aging TedTalk Dr. Shai Eftrai".  I guarantee you will be blown away after watching it and begin to see things in a whole new light. I would also google "hyperbaric oxygen therapy benefits" to begin your journey of learning more of all its true miraculous healing powers.


Gurney Transport System- It comes with a specially designed gurney system that is awesomely built and engineered for the unit. You can easily transfer the user from their bed, wheelchair or a patient lift onto the gurney. Then you can wheel them to wherever the hyperbaric unit is and the top part of the gurney table clicks into the tracks inside the hyperbaric unit and the top part of the gurney table slides with the user into the hyperbaric unit. It glides effortlessly. Everything is engineered quite amazingly and very easy to operate.

2-Way Intercom- This is very helpful because once the user is inside and at pressure it is very hard to hear them and vise-versa.  The hyperbaric unit itself is virtually silent. It is because of the high atmospheric pressure sound travel is restricted. With the 2-way intercom communication is made easy.

Control System-  The control system is in my opinion, as well as thousand of medical professionals, one of the most important features of any hyperbaric unit. SeChrist makes the best out there. Period. The control system is also possible the most critically important part of the whole hyperbaric system. Simple, reliable and bulletproof is how SeChrist beautifully engineers all their hyperbaric chamber systems. The models from other manufactures that use electronics and digital displays that are on the market OFTEN fail and this puts the user at serious, serious risk!  Never buy a unit with anything digital. Period!

Music & Audio- This unit has a built-in speakers so you can easily plug in a tv, phone, stereo etc outside the unit to listen and watch your favorite shows while in the chamber. It's awesome! We mounted a tv on the wall to watch our favorite shows, netflix, youtube, audio books, meditation sound tracks, etc. 

Adjustable Bed-  This is such a great feature that a lot of other companies don't have. Sitting up helps a ton! Soo so nice!

Clear Full View-  This is a TRUE godsend!   The first hyperbaric unit I had only had a little 8 inch window to see out of. This was a NIGHTMARE!  Beyond scary and claustrophobic! I hated going in the chamber every time!  This unit however is a DREAM! Bulletproof sea-thru glass all around! No  claustrophobic issues and just peace!  Love it!

Saving the best for last- (The Full Package Deal)

ALL hyperbaric chamber systems I found on the market did not and do not come with oxygen systems or air compressors to run the hyperbaric units. This was very frustrating to learn. They are NOT turn-key and NOT ready to use. Far from it! Most all commercial hyperbaric units like this one do not come with either because they are typical all sold to hospitals which already have there own specially designed large hospital air compressor and oxygen systems installed to connect to.  

So we purchased a new special oil-less air compressor system and oxygen system that we are including with hyperbaric chamber. This is a special "oil-less" air compressor. You do not want to use a regular air compressor because it uses oil in the pistons to operate and the small oil particles then go into the air chamber. Super bad! Specialized air compressors that do not use oil at all and are "oil-less" eliminating this issue completely.

Included also is a oxygen tank system and a mask (bib).

You can set up the SeChrist chamber to be used in 3 different ways- Pure O2, Air Only or Air & O2 Combo. It is easy to switch and set it up to use either of the 3 ways. This is another thing that I liked about the SeChrist hyperbaric systems. The best way to set it up using Air & O2 Combo. Air from the air compressor to pressurize the chamber and O2 (Oxygen) to breathe thru the mask. What researchers have learned is that delivering pure oxygen just to the lungs is best and pressurizing the whole body at 2-1/2 to 3 atmospheres of pressure with just air is ideal. Pressurizing the whole chamber does not help healing. Period. Pressurizing the whole chamber with oxygen increases your risk exponentially for a fire or explosion. Plus it is very costly to pressurize the chamber with oxygen. Also, it increases your risk of oxygen toxicity in the body. All these reasons is why it is not the best idea to pressurize with oxygen, but with air.

All this makes this whole package "TURN-KEY" and ready to use!  Nothing else is needed. Just connect everything up and go (less then 30 minutes)! It is quite simple to operate and use once you understand how everything operates and functions.

We plan on making a video and putting it on a DVD for the buyer to take home so they can see the unit in action and all its bells and whistles up close and know exactly how to fully operate it. We want you, the buyer, happy and confident with how it functions and how to operate it.  We ARE NOT professionals and we had to learn everything the hard way on our own. It typically takes a year of schooling to get certified as a hyperbaric tech.

If you are interested in purchasing this full system before buying it you are welcome to come here to our home to take it for a "test drive" and experience it's awesomeness. We want you happy and confident with your purchase.

Why Were Selling-

We LOVE our hyperbaric system but because of financial constraints we must sell. Letting go of this hyperbaric system has not been a easy decision, at all. Even though healing from my severe burns is essentially done thanks to the amazing and miraculous healing powers of hyperbaric oxygen therapy we must sell. Ideally, we would really love to keep it FOREVER. Why? Because we truly know of its miraculous healing powers which our whole family could all benefit from for the rest of all our lives. Because it truly helps reverse the agin process, tremendously help heal from ALL injuries, help prevent sicknesses and especially help slow down and even reverse diseases. This is why professional athletes, celebrities and the rich personally own them and use them. All these and more are reasons why we would LOVE to keep it forever. But we must let it go and hopefully to good family and not somebody that wants to just buy and sell it. Were not ok with that.

Returns & Refunds- 

We are not a company so we can not offer any return or refund once it is purchased and taken and leaves our home. We are simple a family that suffered a tragedy and bought this system to help heal the severe burns sustained and to now pass it on to someone else in need. Bless & Be Blessed is how we like to live..

Shipping & Delivery-

Because this item is so large and weighs a ton (literally) we would be glad to discuss with you on the phone or email how best to get it to you. There is many freight carriers who can hand deliver it to your door or even inside to your home exactly where you want it. Also renting a small U-HAUL truck which are available pretty much everywhere and moving it yourself or with the help of a friend, family or hired hand is an option to save some money. Feel free to contact us via phone or email to help you figure out what is best for you. We live 2 hours west of Seattle in the city of Sequim. Shipping and delivery cost are the buyers responsibility.

Factory Specs:

SeChrist 3200R
Serial #320344
Weighs: 2029 Lbs
Dimensions: 105.2" Long (just shy of 9 feet) x 57.5". Tall x 45.5 Wide

Feel free to contact us with any questions.

Blessings to you and your life journey
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